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Most people go through financial struggles at some point in life. Whether it’s past-due bills piling up after your hours have been cut at work, or a sudden expense that you weren’t expecting, such as a medical issue or a home repair, there are plenty of situations that can leave you stretched thin moneywise. That’s where Hartkins Title Solutions can lend a hand, as we offer title loans Denton to help you get back on your feet in times of need. Unlike other types of loans, a title loan only requires you to own a car with a lien-free title, and your credit score won’t play a part in whether you qualify for the loan.

Title loans are already known for having fast, easy application processes, but here at Hartkins Title Solutions, we wanted to take it a step further. That resulted in the development of our online application for title loans Denton. Not only is the application available to fill out right here on this site, but it’s a breeze to complete, taking only seconds of your time. It starts off by asking you to enter the following info regarding the vehicle you’ll use as collateral on your title loan:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body style
  • Estimated mileage

Next, you’ll need to punch in a few pieces of basic contact info, which include:

  • Your name
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address

After you’ve gotten that all filled out, you can submit the form and we can preapprove your vehicle title loan application.

Using the info you entered about your car, we can also calculate a loan estimate based on its current value. We’ll instruct a helpful Hartkins Title Solutions representative to reach out to you at their earliest convenience and take you through the rest of the process.

What about what you’ll need to pick up your title loan? This isn’t like a loan through a bank or a credit union, and that means you won’t need to pull together bank record, proof of income, tax returns or any other financial documentation. Here’s what we need from you when you come in:

  • One type of government-issued ID, such as your driver’s license or your passport
  • Your vehicle
  • Your vehicle’s title

The ID allows us to check your age and confirm that you’re 18 or older. The vehicle is to see that you have it in your possession and to assess its current condition. As far as the title is concerned, we need to hang on to that until your loan is paid off.

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When you’ve been on the hunt for title loans Denton because you need money immediately, it’s definitely frustrating to see listings from title loan companies in other locations. A key advantage of title loans is their convenience, but that really isn’t the case when you need to make a long drive just to get the loan. With Hartkins Title Solutions, that won’t be a concern, because we chose a great location right here in Denton for our office. It’s an easy drive, regardless of whether you take the streets or the freeways, and there are also many parking options in the immediate vicinity.

Once you’re here, a representative will take you through getting your title loan, starting with completing the loan paperwork. This is a great time to mention if you already entered your info online and got a title loan preapproval through our website. We’ll conduct a short inspection of your car and look it up in a vehicle value guide to figure out what it’s worth, which will help us set the maximum amount we can loan you. The final step is getting your car title from you, at which point we can issue your loan. That means you’ll be leaving with the loan money, and the entire process should be done within the hour.

How it works

There are all kinds of loans out there, with the two main loan categories being the secured and the unsecured loans. Here’s the difference – secured loans have collateral, whereas unsecured loans don’t and are only backed by the borrower’s personal guarantee.

With a title loan, your car secures the loan, and that’s why the lender keeps the title during the loan term. Failure to make your loan payment is what’s known as a default, giving the lender the right to repossess your car.

The federal government has set the title loan age minimum at 18, but besides that, it has given states the authority to regulate the title lending industry on their own. At Hartkins Title Solutions, we issue title loans Denton that follow the Texas regulations.

Texas hasn’t capped title loan amounts, which means that’s up to lender to decide based on the borrower’s car. The state has limited interest rates on title loans to 10 percent. However, there can be fees charged on title loans besides the interest.

With no minimum term length set by the state, lenders typically go with 30-day title loan terms. This is also standard in many other states across the country. If you’re short on cash when you reach the payment due date, you still have another option available. You can renew your title loan, which means you get to take the loan principal into a new term. You must pay the current interest and fees on it to do this, and the new term will have interest and fees of its own.

Renewing a loan is a far superior option compared to defaulting, because defaulting could result in you losing your car. It’s important to note that Texas has put a maximum term length of 180 days on title loans, and that includes any renewals. If you extend the title loan enough that you hit 180 days, then you need to pay off whatever you owe.